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introduction of CNLA

The Christian New Life Association was founded by a group of veterans and Christians from different professions who are willing to respond to God’s call and take responsibility for the increasingly serious problem of drug abuse. The Christian New Life Association is based on the gospel and helps recipients to be released from all kinds of bondage. Assist recipients to reorganize their lives, develop personal potential, rebuild healthy interpersonal relationships, and integrate into society. Not only does it encourage recovered persons to repay society, but it also serves drug abuse groups as former patients. In August 2003, we took over Operation Ark Evangelical Drug Rehabilitation Opportunity and transformed it into a “Teenage Male Substance Abuse Treatment Center.” We believe that human beings are a whole, including body, mind and spirit, which are indivisible and therefore require the attention of the whole person. The causes and effects of drug abuse are complex and cannot be simplified. Therefore, it is necessary to combine different professions to help drug addicts detoxify.