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May 6, 2023 Citywide anti-virus concert

The city-wide anti-virus concert, which has been suspended for a long time due to the epidemic, is back soon. We will hold it at Ma On Shan Plaza, Sha Tin on May 6. Everyone must support it then.👍👏👏👏

Free minor home repair services​

Service purposes:
After taking the craft class, students can apply what they have learned to serve the community and provide free small door-to-door repair services to people in need, low-income families or the elderly, so that they can learn to repay love with love and give back to the society.

Service objects:
Low-income families and individuals referred by agencies or social workers.

Application method:
The organization or social worker must submit an application to the Association. After receiving the complete application information, we will respond and arrange a home visit within seven working days. The result will be notified by phone to the responsible agency, social worker or applicant.

Inquiry hotline:6166 9423
Office Phone:2397 6618
Address:Room C7, 9th Floor, Block C, Phase 2, Tsing Yi Industrial Centre, 1-33 Cheung Tat Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories, Hong Kong

Outreach Service Team - NO 1 LEFT 1 not one less

[Not One Can be Missed] The outreach service team is funded by the Anti-Drug Fund and is composed of a group of people who have successfully recovered from drug addiction. They take the initiative to go to different places to contact hidden drug addicts, intervene early, establish a mutual support platform, and provide appropriate help.

[No one can be left behind – life support platform] Through poetry sharing, interactive games, life testimonies and Bible sharing, a group of people who are interested in drug addiction can learn more about gospel drug addiction, lead them to know the Lord Jesus, and help them rebuild their faith and rebuild their lives. We will also be invited to go to schools, communities, prisons and other places in various districts to share testimonies and drug prevention information, so that people from all walks of life will be aware of the harm of drugs and be more accepting of rehabilitated people.

[Family Support Group] A family support group is set up in Yuen Long District at 7:30 pm every other Wednesday to provide emotional support and drug rehabilitation resources to family members of drug addicts. It also helps family members of recovering drug addicts how to support their family members who have recovered from drug addiction on the road to recovery.

Contact Details
Hotline: 6211 7756 / 6221 4954
Tel: 2397 6618
Fax: 3426 9242
Address: Room C7, 9th Floor, Block C, Phase 2, Tsing Yi Industrial Centre, 1-33 Cheung Tat Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories, Hong Kong