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Perhaps you and many people will ask, why is there a need for more evangelical drug treatment institutions at this moment? As we all know, today’s drug problem is more serious than at any time in the past: there are endless types of drugs; the number of drug addicts continues to rise, and a large proportion of people are not counted; the age of drug abuse is getting younger and younger; drugs are more harmful to individuals, families, and even society. It’s getting more serious. The Christian New Life Association was established because a group of Christians with experience and different professions responded to God’s call and took responsibility for the increasingly serious problem of drug abuse. What is the difference between Christian New Life Association and other evangelical drug rehabilitation institutions? We have a strong belief in ministry. We believe that people are a whole, including different levels of body, mind, and spirit. They are indivisible and require the attention of the whole person. We are gospel-based and supplemented by professional counseling to assist recipients. Reorganize your life, develop your personal potential, rebuild healthy interpersonal relationships, and integrate into society. Not only that, in addition to encouraging the recovered persons to give back to the society, it also cultivates them to become disciples of Christ and serve the drug abuse community as former persons.